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Slightly different korona update

Central Ostrobothnia, Finland

all seasons in one day 1 °C

Overall situation in Finland

I am relying on Wikipedia on these dates below, somehow even with the newspapers full on information about Covid-19, I couldn’t find any other statistic about the thing but how many have gotten ill.

So, in to the point..

8.3. State Department started to react to the Wuhan situation by recommending people to avoid travelling to China, Iran and Italy and being extra cautious while travelling in South Korea.
Since then more strict regulations has put in to action. One of the first was to recommend people to self-imposed quarantine if you suspect you are ill or have been in contact with someone who is ill, or if you have been abroad.

12.3. Government recommended that all over 500 people events to be cancelled and schools to be closed.

16.3. Emergency Powers Act was put in to service and over 70-year olds were recommended to stay home. Also meetings over 10 people was discouraged.

Theaters, museums, swimming halls, movie theaters etc. were closed until 13.5.

The borders of Uusimaa was decided to keep closed between 28.3.-19.4. Most of the infections was discovered there.

The pubs, restaurants, cafeterias and night clubs are closed between 4.4.-31-5. Kitchens are allowed to kept open, so people can buy food to go or been delivered.

Today (21.4.) Government are going to decide are all the summers events going to be cancelled or not.

Beside the statistic..

In here, where I live, there is no queues outside shops but people are encouraged to keep minimum 1 meter distance to everyone else. Infront of cashiers are now plexiclass and instead of the cashier to giving you your receipt, they have installed machine next to payment terminals to minimize the contact between costumers and cashiers.
Hand disinfectant are at hand practically in entrances everywhere. So are guides how to wash your hands, keep cloves etc.
About mask the guides are contradictory, some say that “Yes, you should definitely wear them” and some say that “There is not much benefit to the common people”. So some wear them, some don’t.

One nice thing has occurred doe to this. People have started to place teddybears in front of windows to kids to spot them. Like “How many teddybears did you spot on todays walk”. Since I don’t have an teddybear I had to improvise a little.


Tonis nieces idea of an Christmas present, every girl needs her own unicorn

So how have all this affected me..

So far here where we live we have one of the lowest infection rates on whole country.

In my everyday life this pandemic hasn’t affected much. I work as an process operator and make liquid oxygen to the hospitals, among other things, so it is pretty safe to say that my job is secure. Toni (my boyfriend) is an electrician who provides services to the industries so his job is quite secure too. So he keeps working 8AM-4PM during week and I keep my regularly irregular working hours (in a loop I have 2 mornings 6AM-2PM, 2 evenings 2PM-10PM, 2 nights 10PM-6AM and 4 free) and our everyday life is pretty much the same than before. We have some regulations in place in my work and my employer invest in our wellbeing. All who are able to are encouraged to work from home. That is not possible for me, so I still physically go to my shifts.


Commute. Too early AM.

Someone is already boating






Almost home

We rarely eat out so that haven’t changed either and we don’t live in the same city than our families so we don’t visit that often. Maybe once in a month or so. My social life is slightly more focused on phoning and texting than an average doe to my odd working hours so social distancing doesn’t affect too much.

I can see the effects mostly in others. My 5 siblings (I am oldest, by 12 years) are all still in school. My oldest sister is second year in high school, luckily she don’t have her matriculation exams until next semester. But they all, my sister and brothers are doing their classes now from home. One of my sisters assignment from gym class was to climb in to the tree. I wish I had that kind of homework from school!

My brother who plays football and other brother who plays floorball got no practices to go to.

Our friends with children had to be little bit creative in their day-care since everyone still has their own jobs to go to.

Oh, and the toilet paper hoarders! They have attacked here too! I can’t understand it, we have one of the most efficient paper industries in the world and people go and hoard toilet paper. You can’t but laugh.

Most conspicuous change has been to our plans for the summer holiday and summer in general. Our holiday is in next month. Whole Finland is in lockdown so to speak, so no travelling, abroad or other-wise. Our original plan was to do insulation renovation to our upstairs and then make some 2-7 day trip somewhere considering how much time we have left after renovations before we have to go back to work. Romania, Riga and Tampere were on the table.

Every year we go to Iskelmä Festivals in Himos (last weekend on June), but most probably they are cancelled this summer. This year we also talked about Rockfest in Tampere (first weekend on June).


Something other green than just weeds!

Bonfire from a day of

But in grand scheme, we are lucky to be well so not too much complaining from here! Hope you are all well and have a good summer!!

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