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Addendum to the Maryland Situation

Physical Therapy is the Highlight of My Day

Maryland is doing pretty well with flattening the curve. I have heard that we have a positivity rate of 9.5% which is the lowest since the beginning of April. In our zip code we have had only 39 cases. We have gone to Phase II of reopening - we can eat outdoors at restaurants.

Our governor jumped on the problem immediately - my daughter said he had an advantage in that he just got done with chemotherapy for cancer and he understood what an infection would do to him. It seems strange to think of cancer as an advantage but I guess you could look at it that way.

I am still doing physical therapy for my hip - or rather I have started doing it again. I stopped in March and we picked it up again in June. Half of the visits are done on the computer. The visits in person are the only time I see someone who isn't a doctor, other than my husband

I went to the dermatologist Monday and she took two biopsies of my face. I don't think either were cancer, but she hasn't gotten back to me yet.

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The Closing In

Life in Maryland

19 February 2020

I was going to therapy at the local college pool three days a week (M,W,F), and I had physical therapy (for the hip replacement I had in November) at the local hospital one or two days a week (T,Th). And I had long term respiratory therapy also at the hospital two days a week when I didn't have PT.

One of the first indications I had that things were going to change was when I went to therapy in the pool February 17th and said that I had a physical therapy appointment on the 19th at the beginning of a new session, and my instructor said that the pool might be closing early for Spring Break. But the PT appointment was canceled and rescheduled so I could go to the pool on the 19th

I had already seen that the kids that had gone to Italy for a semester abroad had been called home,. The instructor said that someone she knew was on a trip to Spain and had been diagnosed with the virus and was quarantined there. They were talking about taking all the instruction to on-line. One of the other ladies in the pool therapy class was also an instructor at the college. At the start of classes last September her class had already changed to on-line. She said it wasn't going to be that easy.

We normally go out to dinner once a week. I suggested to Bob that if we went down to the little church cemetery in Ridge and photographed the cemetery there, that afterward we could go to Courtney's for dinner. I thought this would get me out of the house and I could use the rollator (which is a walker with a seat) in the cemetery and it would be good exercise for me. He agreed, so we set off about 3:30 and drove down to the end of our peninsula and photographed the cemetery in the fading winter light.
When Rev. Andrew J. "Joe" Donnick, a student pastor serving St. George Island UMC & First Friendship UMC, was shot by a neighbor in October 2005, St. Paul's, Leonardtown had just gotten an associate pastor. After a period of time where the District Superintendent came down to serve the two churches, the Conference moved the associate from St. Paul's to serve St. George Island & First Friendship. In 2007, the Conference decided to merge the 3 parishes & eventually they created a new "charge"/parish involving the 3 churches & re-named it "First Saints Community Church - A United Methodist Congregation" The 3 existing churches all became "campuses" of the new parish.


There was only a gravestone - for W.M.B. His wife (N.B.) was buried in another cemetery. But there is some evidence that she was moved back here to be with him.
Ridge cemetery

Ridge cemetery

There were some old stones that were unreadable, but we added 25 new memorials and brought the percent photographed up to 94%.

I had allowed too much time - it was a very small cemetery with only about 100 gravestones. And it was only about 4:30 when we finished. I thought that was too early for dinner so I suggested that we drive up and have dinner at Captain Pats. Bob complained that we would be handicapped by traffic from the Navy base but I said it would all be coming the other direction. And I was right. We got to Captain Pats (which is a very small seafood restaurant) about 5:00.
Brown paper for eating hard crabs

Brown paper for eating hard crabs

Hard crabs

Hard crabs

Bob had half dozen hard crabs and I had spicy gumbo and a fried seafood dinner. I brought some of it home
Spicy gumbo $5.99

Spicy gumbo $5.99

Fried seafood dinner $26.99

Fried seafood dinner $26.99

We went and had our blood tests for the doctor's appointment on Feb 27th and I had PT in the afternoon.

Saturday February 29th, we went to St. John Francis Regis cemetery (a larger cemetery) to take more photos.
We went in the afternoon because I knew there was a funeral in the morning.
His funeral was in the morning

His funeral was in the morning

It was VERY cold and also windy. I put on a ski mask to keep warm. We managed about 300 photos before our fingers froze off. Both my cell phone and Bob's camera battery died.

March - the noose tightens

On March 3rd Bob and I had an appointment with our GP and were given a clean bill of health. On March 4th, we went to Olive Garden for dinner.

I went to Physical Therapy on the 5th.

March 11th - We got take-out from Smoky Joe's for dinner. I had the chili and BBQ ribs.
Smoky Joe's ribs

Smoky Joe's ribs

Bob had chicken and he had a problem with it. He is finally coming to the realization that he really can't eat chicken.

I had an appointment with my pulmonologist on March 12th. He said my lungs were fine.

On Friday March 13th, another pool instructor who was there said she had classes at the Drill Hall (on the Naval base) and that she had one student in her class whose son was an infectious disease specialist. He said that the pool was the safest place to be because the chlorine would kill anything - just to stay out of the locker room.

The instructor's daughters had been practicing for the musical Frozen. The daughter was Elsa. They did a full run-through on Thursday prior to putting on the show on Friday. But on Friday, the schools closed and the students were told that there were no more athletic events, or field trips for the rest of the school year. An the show Frozen was not presented to the public - only one show for the students.

Monday, 16 March

Bob and I both had our yearly eye appointment in the next county. They called us on Friday and confirmed. When we got there, there was a sign that said the office was closed until further notice. They had called us at home to tell us, but we had already left. So since we were already out, and it was only 9:30, we went to Central Methodist Cemetery and took a whole bunch more photos.
We added 36 new memorials - bringing the total up to 418 total entries and 99% photographed.

Tuesday 17 March
I did one more PT therapy appointment, but it was difficult - they took my temperature and then I went in to the waiting room but there was a man there who had had a stroke the previous Saturday and he was coughing It made me nervous. Then when I went to leave the officious lady in the lobby said I could not sit down there to put on my coat, and I said I was not going outside without having a coat on, so I sat down on my rollator and put my coat on.

After that both the PT at the hospital and the respiratory therapy closed. The college closed early for Spring Break and they refunded the money I had paid. Because you can't do swim therapy on line.

My oldest daughter phoned to be sure I was taking this seriously. I said we were just going to cemeteries and she said that would probably be safe enough.

Captain Pat's burned down

Wednesday 18th March

I was trying to get take-out for dinner. Smoky Joe's had apparently closed (someone told me later that she had gone and picked up all their food and frozen it to use later). Oga's (fusion oriental) would let me make an order on line and then wouldn't let me finish and the phone didn't answer. The Bottom of the Hill had been sold. So I ordered from the Happy Dragon. They said to call when we were in the parking lot and they would put the food out on the table and they wanted to know how we were paying so they could put the correct change in the bag with the food. I was fine with the food but Bob said it cleaned him out so he didn't want to go there again.

On subsequent weeks we have gotten take-out from Olive Garden, The Front Porch (the expensive restaurant up in town), and finally this past week from Kevins. I ordered soup and prime rib for me and a fish basket for Bob. The fish basket and the prime rib were fine but they gave us the soup cold.

We went back to St. John's cemetery on a Saturday 27 March
St John's cemetery

St John's cemetery

and between us took another 600 photos - we have pretty much covered the "new" section of the cemetery. I have not been out of the house since.
Cats in the tree-Gertie on the bottom and Orange

Cats in the tree-Gertie on the bottom and Orange

Bob took photos of the cats and wanted me to make a collage so he could sent it to PetSmart
Crunch and Orange with the Petsmart letter

Crunch and Orange with the Petsmart letter

All four cats eating - Crunch, Orange, Hidey and Gertie

All four cats eating - Crunch, Orange, Hidey and Gertie

Status now in April

Bob made face masks for both of us.

Bob goes out every day - even if it is only to put food out for the outdoor cat(s) and to get the mail. But he is also driving places.

He goes to the commissary and Walmart and other stores to shop. He says the commissary is full of men who don't know what they are doing. He picks up prescriptions on the base. He goes to the hardware store (he says that they have a restriction on how many people can be in the store and the aisle are marked out so that you can't get too close to anyone.) He goes to the dump a couple of times a week (we don't have trash pick-up) . He says he has to take the cat poop to the dump twice a week or else it is too heavy for him to carry (joke). He says the dump is marked out too and people don't realize that they can just drop off the recycle without backing into a space for regular trash. He goes to BJ's for gas. He goes to the Post Office. He says there is no traffic and he can go all the way down to the base without stopping at any lights.
Summer kitchen with the siding partly done.  I haven't been out to take a photo of the finished siding

Summer kitchen with the siding partly done. I haven't been out to take a photo of the finished siding

He has been finishing up the siding (and painting the window and door frames) on the summer kitchen. He's bought potting soil and has painted the flower boxes.

Also Bob finally was able to give blood yesterday. He couldn't manage it in March because the donation centers closed.

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